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Meet The Instructors

Families That Stay FIT Together, Stay Together

Paula Kooperman

I have been married to Steve, a very fit, OB/GYN for almost 40 years. Our two sons and daughter-in-laws also embrace fitness. My goal is that together we will pass on the value and importance of movement to the next generation of active Koopermans, our 4 young grandchildren.

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Work Hard, Play Hard

I am passionate about spending time with friends and family, skiing, hiking, biking, traveling, and cheering on our Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears!

Bev Beck

Bev Beck is a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and the owner of The Right Fit LLC.  First certified to teach exercise in 1991,  Bev enjoys the diversity that working with groups and with individuals of all ages provides.  Listening to, connecting to, and partnering with each individual to ascertain what type of movement each person truly enjoys and then providing a path to meet his/her goals is what Bev loves best about her job..  Bev creates movement opportunities that are pain free, individualized, fun and challenging and connects with people by explaining the “why.”   Bev holds a Bachelors of Arts degree with a double major in Psychology and Elementary/Middle School Education and a minor in Business .  She is certified by NASM, ACE, PTA Global, is on the program development team for MOSSA, and loves to program and teach freestyle land based classes of all kinds.  Group Exercise is her Ikigai, which by definition means the intersection of what the world needs, what she loves, what she is good at and that she can be paid for it.  How lucky can you get? 

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Marcia Bogolub

Marcia Bogolub:  After over 25 years of practice as a physical therapist, a passion for yoga fueled completion of my 200 hours yoga teacher training in 2008. Now I teach classes to all levels of learners, with focus on the “gentle “yoga classes. I believe my background in physical therapy helps me to bring the gift of yoga to everybody (and every BODY!) Yoga can complement and strengthen anyone’s fitness routine— Come meet me on the mat!


Jessica Berger

I came to yoga about 20 years ago after hearing about its calming benefits on the mind and body (being a naturally type A person, this was very alluring!).  In my search for this greater sense of serenity, I found what I was looking for and so much more. There is no doubt that ever since my yoga journey began, I am living a richer, more meaningful life.
When my Dad passed away almost ten years ago, I began contemplate my life’s direction and the legacy he left behind and would want me to take forward. I enrolled in a 200-hour Teacher Training with two of the best in the business – Pam Udell and Lourdes Paredes – so I could spread and teach my love for the yoga practice to others. I have been teaching for 5 years now and can’t imagine doing anything else!!
My classes concentrate on linking the movement of the physical practice with the energy of the breath. My goal is to give students an experience where they can be transported from the craziness of their daily lives into a grounded, safe space that allows them to deeply focus on “self” for the duration of class. My method incorporates an athletic vinyasa-style flow set to motivating, fun music, infused with inspirational themes and calming, breath-centered moments.

When I am not teaching, I am "working" in another capacity raising my twin boys and squeezing in my own yoga practice and some “me time” whenever possible!


Zoe Nitsun

After 15 yrs of competitive running, I discovered yoga in 1993 and began practicing to DVDs before my long days in advertising began. I began to practice in the city as yoga studios began to open and in 2002 after the birth of my first child, I enrolled in Rod Stryker’s Teacher Training. I have been practicing daily ever since.


I have had the unique privilege of studying with Paul Weitz, Baron Baptiste, Rolf Gates, Paul Grilley, Tim Miller and met my teacher David Swenson in 2006. After meeting David, I have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga faithfully, and completed David Swenson’s Ashtanga Teacher Training.

Approaching the practice with compassion and humor have become valuable tools for me both on and off the mat. I am honored to teach Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Niyama Hot Yoga. Expect lots of challenge in each class with plenty of room to create your own level of practice.

I love to break down the more complex poses into attainable pieces, and I encourage you to never take yourself too seriously and to practice with a generous spirit. As David taught me, I believe a yogi is someone who leaves the world a little better than how they found it. I have a fabulous husband and three wonderful kids who to help me practice daily.


Teri Lewis

Teri began her fitness career over 30 years ago! Teri taught many Group Fitness formats while appreciating her role as a stay at home mom. Once all three children attended school Teri expanded into the field of Personal Training. Looking to quench her insatiable thirst for knowledge she dove into the Pilates world spending over 500 hours required for the Balanced Body Comprehensive certification.


Further exploring the mind/body side of fitness she achieved her 200 hour Yoga certification. Teri became inspired witnessing the rampant success of her class members and clients as she used combinations from many modalities to help people of all ages and fitness levels reach their goals. Several years ago Teri was introduced to the Gray Institute organization. Fascinated by the approach of training the body as a 3-dimensional global movement system she has been attending and obtaining Gray Institute certifications since. This includes being accepted and completing a special fellowship program held by 1050 Fellows in over 30 countries many of whom are: Physical Therapists Physiotherapists Athletic Trainers Personal Trainers and Massage Therapists.


Collaborating with fitness professionals from all over the world has become a valuable resource helping clients manage/remedy chronic injuries and how to avoid reoccurrence. Teri specializes in: quality of life injury prevention injury healing aging actively and becoming/staying fit without pain.

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Marnie Singer

In 1995, Marnie began as a certified group fitness instructor, and the first place she taught class was at President’s Fitness Center, a TCA club! Twenty—Six years later, I am still at TCA (Midtown Bannockburn and Chicago locations) as both a certified personal trainer NASM and PTA GLOBAL and AFAA group exercise instructor.

Marnie was a Division One collegiate Cheerleader and we placed 8th in the nation in competition.


Marnie feels being genuine is the key to success.  She keeps it real, keeps it simple, and is unequivocally herself.  The art of distraction allows members/clients to keep moving forward without concentrating on how challenging the workout has become.  Make them laugh, take their mind off of the little things, and keep them happy!

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