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Client Testimonials

"There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live just a little better."


Thank you for your thoughtfulness of teaching through this chaos... I truly appreciate you and your amazing dedication Paula...

I truly believe that if I hadn’t stumbled upon your Facebook page back in March, seeing you doing workouts I wouldn’t be in the shape I am now! I am continuously striving to better my body physique and I owe it to you!


Mind you in my own mind,

I believe I still have a lot of work to do however I have been complemented by my husband and the few friends I have been in contact with that I look good/great! This I owe to you! Keep on keeping on girlfriend!


MAZEL TOV - we still have not met in person but I feel like we are friends, well at least that I’m friends with you 😀  Working out with you in my basement gym these past 5.5 months has been enabling me to stay sane. 

Work for me is very busy and stressful but taking breaks to exercise with you has been making it bearable.  I love your stories and your energy and the fact that you started a frigging business during a pandemic.  You are amazing.  

You have a real gift for motivating and inspiring people!!   

~ Melissa

I'm another huge Detroit fan!! I have been taking your classes since late March. Your unstoppable energy and dynamic personality always motivate me to not quit after the first 15 minutes!!! I look forward to trying a variety of classes and hope that my strength and endurance continue to improve. Love the cooking demonstrations too!!! One day we will meet in person!



Hi! It's Robyn, I just wanted to take a minute to send you a note to let you know how much Doug and I are enjoying your classes! Stronger together is one of our absolute favorites. I just tried On the Ball and was blown away! Wanted you to know how much we appreciate you and your classes. Your cueing and coaching are so great. We feel safer and more taken care of in your classes than any others we are doing. I'm sure it's so challenging to teach without being in the room with your students. Just know we are smiling (and grimacing!) at the tv screen. Thank you!

I can't thank you enough for helping to keep me sane, strong, and motivated over the past 5 pandemic months! Dragging myself to work each week as an "essential RN worker" has been challenging - but, I always had my PSK virtual group exercise workouts to look forward to.



I have to say that your instructional teaching these last 2+ months has helped my body tone tremendously! I, unfortunately, can not take your classes the day of, always the day after. Today I did your Tabata class from yesterday and it kicked my ass! 530 calories burned, avg. h/r 140 and max h/r 172! Whew! Thank you so much for sharing yourself via your videos! 

~ Anne

I'm so excited about your PSK4LIFE. You have been a lifesaver during this crazy time. I've tried tons of others videos over the past months but I always come back to you. Not only do I love your classes but I love your happy, funny upbeat personality. It makes the workout fly by. So thanks for that. 

~ Lauren


Paula, I can't tell you how much your daily smile and workouts mean to me! I have been taking care of my husband who is sick and your classes are the thing that keeps me going ❤️❤️❤️


Love taking the PSK4LIFE classes anytime. The sound and video quality are more reliable and far better than FB. The classes are an amazing value relative to the nominal monthly subscription fee. Thank you Paula and all the other instructors for making this happen!

~ Pam

Hi! Just wanted to mention that I LOVE your barbell/hitt class! I've come to enjoy and appreciate the cardio at the midpoint. Just did this week's class. It's become one of my go-to favorites! So glad PSK keeps everything in a 24/7 library. I miss you, but fortunately, I get to "see" you and participate in one of your awesome classes whenever I want. My husband says I'm in the best shape of my life, and that certainly wouldn't be the case if not for the PSK4LIFE team!

~ Linda

Your classes have been a blessing for me. I love them!! I took the one-hour cardio today, and I am pooped. I saw my oncologist yesterday (had another infusion) and passed along your website information. I encouraged her to check out a few classes. I feel terrific and contribute my recovery progress to your exercise program.


 am grateful to all of you. Thank you for your great instructions with your classes. For me, all the PSK4LIFE classes are like physical therapy. Today was the first day I could take Wacky Wednesday. I loved the exercise with the green band where we squatted, swung one leg out to the side and then lunged on that leg. It really helped my left hip, knee, and ankle, and took away my pain. I wish you, your family, all of PSK4LIFE, and all, a happy and safe Thanksgiving!



Hello and happy holidays.  You guys are off to and now in Maui with me.  I look forward to spending a portion of my day with each of you!  Your platform has been an essential component of safety, wellbeing and reliability during this time of uncertainty.  Other than an upcoming grandson and wedding, you guys rate right after that in meaningful life events. ~Davi

I have been taking Paula & Bev’s classes at the gym for a few years.  Then the pandemic hit, and like so many, I was worried about how, when and where I would be able to workout. Paula quickly found a way to pivot so provide amazing workouts from home.

The instructors are so knowledgeable, fun, encouraging and know how to kick my butt.  Now, I have been taking virtual classes from Paula, Bev and the team of teachers for 9+ months and I feel stronger and leaner than I did when I was gym regular.   And, I haven’t lifted a weight in that time due to hand & wrist issues. 
The thing about Paula & team is they don’t just care about fitness; they care about us!   The amount of engagement with their followers is bar none.  They know all the people who are working out with them- their ailments, their goals and so much more (and some they have never met in person).

My only problem…picking which class to take!


~Deb M

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