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Class Descriptions

While our online fitness classes are meant to challenge, they are meant to be accessible for people at all levels, and each class can be taken with little to no equipment needed. 

Battle on the Stairs-01.png

Battle on the Stairs - 60 Minutes

There is nothing like heading into Battle in this 60 minute class that includes periods of 40 seconds of intense work, utilizing running your staircase, jumping and battling ropes, and powerful strength and core moves to create a HIIT workout that will make the time fly by.

Cardio Strength-01.png

Cardio / Strength

One hour cardio/strength HIIT format using Tabata timing.. 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. Great total body workout!

Cardio Machine-01.png

Cardio Machine - 45 Minutes

45 minute cardio machine class utilizing your cycle, treadmill, or elliptical machine that incorporates drills, climbs, and sprints all set to a great, motivating playlist!

Cell Block-01.png

Cell Block - 60 Minutes

All strength, 60 minutes, NO jumping or plyometrics! Strictly a chance to get every part of your body stronger.  You will need a couple of sets of weights!

Gentle Yoga-01.png

Gentle Yoga - 60 Minutes

Stretch, tone and breathe! Emphasis on careful alignment, breath/body awareness and gentle dynamic flow means this class both challenges and supports students of all ages and experience. The class is guided with careful cueing, helping each student to move with confidence and to deepen their practice. A yoga strap/blocks or equivalent may be helpful.

Drop It Like It's Squat-01.png

Drop It - 60 Minutes

This 60 minute cardio and strength class is based on starting “heavy” with weights and decreasing subsequent sets until “failure.” Failure in weight training means performing an exercise repeatedly until you can’t do more! This class is for those Peeps who want to bring their strength training to a new level of intensity and vary how they normally do things! Of course we throw in lots of cardio and core too! 

Freaky Friday-01-01.png

Freaky Friday / Wacky Wednesday - 60 Minutes

Join us for Wacky Wednesday and Freaky Friday where we will try out new formats, new ways to move your body, and new ways to stay fit!


HIP + High Intensity Peeps - 30 Minutes

This all cardiovascular class uses high intensity moves to get your heart rate up and keep it there, burning calories and strengthening your cardiovascular system!  Changing from week to week, it might include bodyweight, weights, med balls, jump ropes, and more. Pair this class with Strictly Strength for a fat-burning, endorphin-releasing workout

Paulas Pyramid-01.png

Paula's Pyramid - 60 Minutes

60 minute cardio/strength class with a variety of moves performed for 30 seconds each that build in sets and repetitions


PB&J - Pilates, Barre Journey - 45 Minutes

Join us on this Pilates, Barre Journey - Grab a sturdy chair as the journey begins at the BARRE. We will work on your muscles to get longer and stronger before we take it to the Mat for an invigorating Pilates Mat experience. This 45-minute class will challenge your body to move in new, effective ways and compliment many of the other PSK4LIFE classes.

PSK Core-01.png

PSK Core - 15 Minutes

15 minute Core Blast. Add this class on to a workout-or just FIT it in somewhere during your busy day.  All ABS, all in 15!

PSK Lights & Lots-01.png

PSK Lights and Lots - 30 Minutes

30 minutes of toning and strength building using light weights and lots of repetitions.

Recovery Yoga-01.png

Recovery Yoga - 60 Minutes

Lengthen, tone, and open your body after powering through PSK’s amazing classes!  60-minute class is guided with careful cueing and breath/body awareness. A yoga strap/blocks or equivalent may be helpful.

Stronger Together-01.png

Stronger Together - 45 Minutes

This 45-minute class integrates upper and lower body strength training concurrently to create a condensed intensity strength class that builds strength in your core, your arms, and legs and elevates your heart rate with low impact moves.


Tabata - 30 & 60 Minutes

One hour cardio/strength HITT format using Tabata timing.. 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. Great total body workout!

Theme Day-01.png

Theme Day - 60 Minutes

Broadway, Boy Bands, “HAPPY”, name a few! Themed playlist will motivate you in this one-hour cardio, strength, and core workout!

Towels and Tush-01.png

Towels & Tush - 60 Minutes

This cardio and toning class uses a hand towel, some weights, and a mat.  Innovative, creative, and new ways to move all set to some great tunes!

Vinyasa Flow-01.png

Vinyasa Flow - 60 Minutes


WERQ - 60 Minutes

This insanely fun, 60-minute cardio dance workout that uses pop, rock, and hip/hop will make you feel that you are at a great dance party while you burn lots of calories.

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