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Gentle Yoga: The Benefits of Going SLOW

I’m guessing most of the PSK peeps are on the site because they enjoy a fast paced, dynamic class….and that’s fantastic!  As the “Gentle Yoga” instructor on PSK4life, I would like to suggest that switching it up with a slower-paced yoga class may be an interesting complement the many great classes you are already enjoying.


The Gentle Yoga classes on PSK are NOT easy classes; I like to say that we go slow but we go deep.  These classes focus on proper alignment, and are guided with precise cueing. In this class, you do not worry about keeping up with the flow—instead, each pose is set-up and held, using breath awareness maintain to maintain focus.  The pace of this class will teach you mental toughness as you learn to breathe through the longer holds.  There’s a payoff: The longer you hold a pose, the more those targeted muscles will fire, building them in the process.  And, increased time in the poses allow your muscles and connective tissues time to relax and lengthen. You may improve flexibility and open areas around joints in areas like hip and low back that can be hard to access.  There is a lot of deep stretching in Gentle Yoga.


Once you get past the natural inclination to want to move more quickly, you will find the benefits of the pace of Gentle Yoga.  Moving mindfully with your breath not only can bring change on a physical level, but can shift you mentally as well.  Taking deep breaths in and out, focusing on one thing at a time….you might find a sense of stress relief and a calm to your mind.  Several people have told me they take my class in the evening….it can be a nice way to wind down.  See what works for you…and “see” you on the mat!

by Marcia Bogolub
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