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PSK4LIFE Highlights


PSK Peep

Psk4life is truly fitness that fits in your life. From pre pregnancy, through pregnancy, and now post partum with an infant,  it has been my consistent community and fitness outlet. I absolutely love psk4life ❤️

PSK Peep

I've been working out with PSK4Life since the beginning. I like working out at home with the bonus of group instruction. I am stronger and more fit than I've ever been. I look forward to my routine each week, combining cardio and weights, something I had not done together in years! The tips and tricks the instructors (you and Bev) offer are super helpful as is their motivation to help me work harder. It's great having a gym without the gym and I look forward to the upcoming year with PSK4Life.

PSK Peep

 Having previously been a health club group ex junkie, PSK4LIFE has freed me from exercising in one certain building and lets me take varied and fun classes whenever I want and wherever I go! Thanks, Paula!


Introducing PSK4LIFE

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

The vision of PSK4LIFE is to provide quality, impactful classes that fit YOUR schedule! You can join any of the LIVE workouts OR pick a class from the library whenever it "FITS" into your schedule! Many different formats to choose from and never have to leave your home! Cycle, Strength, Tabata, Tush & Towels, and CardioStrength will give you many options.

Upcoming Classes

Join us live or watch on-demand via the class library.

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Upcomin Classes

Hi, I’m Paula

Certified Instructor and Coach

I first got certified to teach Group Ex in 1982. I am passionate about inspiring people thru movement to stay healthy, fit and happy! My classes are ALWAYS safe! My pledge is to always bring the energy and expertise that you will need to get stronger and reach your fitness goals.

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